One of my colleagues thinks birds are frightening and an evil omen. Her mother went so far as to keep all bird images on notepads, etc. out of their home.

This was a different mindset from mine. I love to listen to birds. Their songs and calls compose some of the best music in this universe. I enjoy watching them hopping around and flying in the sky.

I photographed the four handmade wooden birds in my header one day, then sent the photo to my dear friend. We talked of strength, family, creativity, individuality and freedom. She saw the image as a header online.

Last month, I manifested a vision, sparked by our conversation, as I started this blog. All by myself. The only help I had was one of my teenagers saying, “Use WordPress. Search it up.”

Now I’m trying  to post and share. Of course that means I’m going to make mistakes. As I tell my students, that’s how we learn!

Join me as I take flight and soar! Stay and stretch your mindset. Grow.


Author: The Unknown Teacher

Artist. Author. Activist. Alive & Aware.

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