Pt. 1: Who Makes Decisions For You? (LAUSD Board Members)

Fantastic article.

Candid Irreverence

Both within the context of LAUSD and the charter network I used to work for, I knew very little about who was sitting at the top. This makes life easier, obviously. You aren’t supposed to know these people because, as teachers, you’re not supposed to ever come in contact with them. If you do happen to meet, the positionality of it will prevent any sort of conversation or dialogue from taking place – they’ll speak to you from behind a podium, be met with routine applause, and leave the premises after taking a few photos. These people are politicians. They are leaders. They are bosses. You are not.

I don’t like this. I want teachers  and their students to be behind the podium, or better yet, for our interactions with traditional powers to not take place around podiums. I’d like us to meet around tables, with equal seating and equal…

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Lovely Pink & White Miniature Roses

E1573295-CFF6-43FD-825C-1288AA617735I bought these pink and white roses from the 99 Cent Store last month. It confused me when I first saw their blooms from the corner of my eye. There are two white and two pink plants in one pot. At $1.99 it was a bargain!  The ninety-nine cent terra cotta pot fits it perfectly.

I reused my daughter’s pink sequined coin purse to plant up some baby spider plants.  I’m hoping to display them in my entryway this spring.

All in all, a lovely Saturday in my garden.